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Dacromet metal stamping parts

Dacromet metal stamping parts

  • Classification:Punching Dacromet
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  • Date of issue:2020-08-29
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"Dacromet" is a technology that replaces traditional electro-galvanizing hot-dip galvanizing, which have serious environmental pollution. It can only process steel, iron, aluminum its alloys, cast iron parts, structural parts, but also sintered metal special surface treatment. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, transportation facilities (metal parts of high-speed railways, subways, electrified railways, tunnels, bridge elevated, highways), electrical appliances, ships, aerospace, marine engineering, hardware tools, electricity, Communication, petrochemical, gas engineering, construction, military products, household appliances other industries. It only improves the quality of products, but also protects the natural ecological environment, is well received by engineering circles environmental protection departments.




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